Why are Pandemic Babies Skipping & Missing Mile Stones?

Why are Pandemic Babies Skipping & Missing Mile Stones?

Adjustments for babies is soft, gentle & effective. The pressure used to adjust a baby is the same amount of pressure used when checking the ripeness of a tomato. Simple adjustments can help baby’s nervous system function the way it should, leading to rolling over, crawling, walking & talking.

Why are pandemic babies missing milestones?
Top 5 Reasons Women Should See a Chiropractor

Top 5 Reasons Women Should See a Chiropractor

1️⃣ Energy- Sometimes it feels like the day is never going to end. Waking up to get the kids ready, you ready, taking them to school, after school activities, homework, dinner, bath the list can go on and on. Adjustments help you relax from your daily stress, sleep better, making tackling your daily tasks less exhausting.
2️⃣ Emotion/ Mood- In life we deal with a lot of ups and downs leaving us feeling like we are on a roller coaster. With ups and downs come uncontrollable emotions. Getting adjustments brings a calm. Helping you feel less anxious and allowing your mind to process and handle stress easier.
3️⃣ Tension- From brain fog & migraines, from every day stored up stress the simplest movement can relieve it almost immediately.
4️⃣ Hormones- From inconsistent cycles, heavy, painful cramps, non-existent, hot flashes, infertility a natual holistic option can help you address the root cause of the problem.
5️⃣ Self Care- Caring for your loved ones is a great feeling, however, sometimes we forget that you are focusing on everyone but YOU! Sometimes you need to put yourself first and take care of you, so you can continue to help care for them!
Is Your Baby Stressed?

Is Your Baby Stressed?

Babies have many ways to communicate with us. The most common? You guessed it! Crying. Crying is one of their ways to let us know they need or want something. Babies just like adults can get stressed out. What are some cues to watch out for with a stressed-out baby?

Stressed Baby Signals

  •  Continuous crying- can be a sign that baby is stressed out. Being born is a hard job for not only mom but also baby.
  • ️ Comfort feeding- Sometimes baby may seem like they are wanting to eat a little more even if they are not hungry.
  •  Short or non-existent sleep cycles- this can be a big sing that something is going on in baby’s nervous system.
  •  Abrupt crying during sleep- If baby is stressed their bodies are in a constant fight or flight response. This may affect their sleep cycle.
  •  Less eye contact- This can be a sign that there is a disconnect in baby’s nervous system not allowing proper communications to the brain.

What Can You Do?

  • Here are somethings you can try with baby if you think they may be stressed.
  • Skin to skin contact- Sometimes baby just needs to feel you there. Skin to skin contact might be just what baby needs.
  •  Let baby feed- Yes, baby may not be hungry, but this is their way of getting more bonding time with mom.
  • Warm baths before bed.
  •  Talk to baby, your voice is comforting to them.

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