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Welcome to Our Practice

Our mission is to serve as a Beacon of Hope for entire families through specific chiropractic care. Allowing individuals to express their highest potential without the use of medication.


As your body is constantly changing and growing while you are growing your bundle of joy, we are here to help support you through this wonderful time in your life. We want to help give you a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy and prepare you and baby for birth.


We want our kids to grow up as healthy as they can. The most common concerns we see in our office are colic, ear infections, reflux, sensory and digestive issues.


Family is everything to us here at Star Chiropractic & Wellness. We want to make sure everyone is treated as if you are our own family member because you deserve it! We are here for YOU!



As athletes, you know that a lot of wear and tear on your body occurs when you participate in any activity. You may struggle with limited mobility from muscle strains, or deal with pain.

Dr. Pat Pfantz

Dr. Patrick Pfantz


About Star Chiropractic & Wellness

A Beacon of Hope

At Star Chiropractic & Wellness we think it is important for you to live the life you were intended on living. No matter where you are at in life we are here for YOU.

We want to give you HOPE. So, you can enjoy those special moments with loved ones.

Chiropractic care through every stage of life can help you and your children to grow, heal, adapt to daily stressors, and express optimal health and well-being.

Discover ChiroThin: Your Journey to Lasting Weight Loss Success

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Why are Pandemic Babies Skipping & Missing Mile Stones?

Adjustments for babies is soft, gentle & effective. The pressure used to adjust a baby is the same amount of pressure used when checking the ripeness of a tomato. Simple adjustments can help baby's nervous system function the way it should, leading to rolling...

Is Your Baby Stressed?

Babies have many ways to communicate with us. The most common? You guessed it! Crying. Crying is one of their ways to let us know they need or want something. Babies just like adults can get stressed out. What are some cues to watch out for with a stressed-out baby?...

Top 5 Reasons Women Should See a Chiropractor

Energy- Sometimes it feels like the day is never going to end. Waking up to get the kids ready, you ready, taking them to school, after school activities, homework, dinner, bath the list can go on and on. Adjustments help you relax from your daily stress, sleep...

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Star Chiropractic and Wellness

209 Portage Trail Extension W.
Suite 101
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223